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We here at CHF, (formally Covenant Christian Fellowship, CCF)  have been keeping and observing the Sabbath (Saturday) and the major Biblical Feasts for the past 10 plus years.  We are an elder led Fellowship, with Butch Daniels, Bob Richardson, Dillard Griffith and Ramond Battlla-Santago as the elders.

We have had many speakers over the years including  Mike Clayton, Preston McNutt, Bill Cloud, Rico Cortes, Brad Scott and many others.

We meet on Sabbath from 10:00am till 12:30pm, exept the first Sabbath, we meet at noon.

Please come and join us for a time of praise and worship with our own worship team then a time of Bible study. 

On the 1st Sabbath of the month we start with a shared meal at noon followed by a time of study.

And then on the 3rd Sabbath of the month we have a shared meal after the study.


Torah Portions Reading Schedule 2019 - 2020

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